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So uh forgot about that shit. Maybe I'll make it up, maybe I won't. But this song...ahhh...

Day 4

"Know the bitch 'foe you caught yo'self lovin' it" - Biggie

The only picture of any group of friends anyone will ever need.
There's a ton of music I really like; some of which being acoustic performances and covers. Alas;

The Sweetest Curse

Curse with me
Profane and discreet
Make her move
Cross veins and chamomile

Soft and sweet
Seasalt silver-meat
Buried deep
In crowskin overcoat

Save your breath
This may be the last
There is no novelty here on the earth

Forever threadbare and faded
Drunken and arcane
Curse the day

There's rotgutted whiskey in ladies
For to ease the pain
Or drown away

Save her!
You've crushed all the bones and the cradles
All along the way
Along the way
I'm not proud of what I've done or what I'm about to do. But I can't help it. But fuck it. You only live once, right?
Wait a minute...

James has a job?!
For the first time in a week, we finally agree on something.